Attention Caterers!

Written by CMP on January 04, 2013







The folks at HumbleRecipes are excited to announce the launch of!

Feederly is a brand new (launched just yesterday!) online marketing solution built specifically for the small / mid sized caterer.

With our initial launch, you can:
  • List your catering business, complete with logo, contact information (including URL to your primary web site), and full description.
  • Create unlimited menus, each with unlimited dishes that can include pictures and text. - Once listed, you can be found in our site search by cuisine type, location, or business name.
  • Have your pages picked up by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all other search engines - the more pages you create on Feederly, the greater chance your business will be found!
  • Gain access to all future features (connect to your Yelp listing, social media integration, and more...)

Caterers can sign up now for a Free two month trial - we won't even ask for payment information yet. Once you've signed up, drop us a note at [email protected] and mention that you saw this blog post - we'll double your free trial period - 4 Months at No Charge!

Here's the sign up link -

Hope to see you there!


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