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April 2012

April 28, 2012

The Garo Cupcake


Think spicy exotic sweetness: Ginger pear spiced cupcakes, filled with a miso soft caramel core, topped with chocolate italian meringue buttercream frosting and garnished with crystallized ginger.  This cupcake was engineered to honor the guy who eats unusual exotic foods and taught me new things about exotic citrus.  Considering I grew up in Florida, I thought I knew citrus....until I met Garo.

This recipe makes 24 cupcakes.


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The Professor Cupcake


Only one cupcake is savory yet ever so subtlely sweet enough for consumption by the Professor.  The cupcake starts with a yellow cake base, filled with peach rosemary preserves and topped with goat cheese frosting.  Any savory preserve can be substituted in this recipe.  This recipe makes 30 cupcakes.

 Subsequently, the cupcake is appropriately titled "The Professor".  The only way to raise the Professor factor would be decorations using fondant, like a goatee, a wad of cash or a change dispensor belt.


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