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October 2011

October 12, 2011

No Apology Kol Nidre Salmon


This is a great quick meal on any night, but it is especially good on Kol Nidre eve, prior to your Yom Kippur fast. Plus, you won't have to do any repenting because this is pretty healthy meal. If you have committed any transgressions against your fellow man or woman, feel free to invite them- after a taste of this salmon, you are sure to be forgiven.

  • mix some soy sauce (1 teaspoon) and mirin (2 table spoons)
  • sprikle salmon (1 pound about 1 inch thick with skin) with salt and black pepper
  • dice red pepper and 3 gloves of garlic
  • place mixed greens on serving platter
  • heat 1/4 cup of olive oil in a skillet over medium heat
  • add some salt and red pepper flakes
  • cook diced peppers over medium heat for about 10 minutes.
  • add garlic
  • move red pepper to side in pan and saute the salmon on skin side first (4 minutes) followed by other side (4 minutes)
  • top mixed greens with cooked salmon then red peppers and drizzle with soy/mirin mixture
  • eat guilt free

October 08, 2011

Peaches en Regalia Cupcakes



Peaches en Regalia is a modern jazz fusion standard, and one of the most well known songs by music legend Frank Zappa.  The song is included in the underground version of The Real Book, which is a series of books containing compilations of popular jazz tunes that provides an indispensable resource for aspiring and current jazz musicians.  Having a song published in The Real Book is the ultimate "street cred" for a jazz composer.  My introduction and love for the song and Frank Zappa came from none other than my favorite band, Phish.  This recipe is appropriately titled as a tribute to both groups of talented musicians.

The recipe begins with a classic buttermilk cake recipe by Rose Levy Beranbaum that is converted into a delicate cupcake recipe.  Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and ginger are added to spice it up.  A delicious peach preserve is injected into the center, though my original plans were to make a whiskey peach preserve from scratch (check back, as I may work on this idea).  Finally, the cupcakes are topped with a Jameson italian meringue buttercream to give the dessert pizazz.

Here's a great video of Phish covering Peaches en Regalia in 2009, with close-ups of Trey Anastasio rocking the solos.  Now you can really have your cake and listen to it too!



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October 03, 2011

Mojito Cupcakes


This recipe is inspired by my boyfriend's roommate, Jeff.  He regularly drank Mojitos and Pinojitos this summer, because his garden bore an abundance of mint.  Jeff has quite the green thumb and is extremely generous with his vegetable bounty.  It just makes sense to dedicate this delicious, refreshing dessert to him.

The recipe is adapted from two recipes, and requires creating the butter rum sauce while the cupcakes are baking.  When soaking the cupcake, is it important to detach the liner from the cupcake to allow the rum sauce to seep into the bottom of the cakes.    It is helpful to use the Reynolds Stay-Brite foil liners, as the liner detaches easily and retains an elegant shape.  Paper liners are discouraged because they don't retain their shape when loosened, and regular foil tends to rip.  Unfortunately, I was down in Florida when these cupcakes were made, and Stay-Brite liners were no where to be found.  My mom found the lovely gold liners in the top picture at Sur La Table. (My mom also decorated the cupcakes above....don't they look great?!)

In the photo below, the Reynolds Stay-Brite liner is on the left, and the regular Reynolds foil on the right.  Notice that the Stay-Brite wrapper almost appears as though it wasn't completely detached from the cupcake!  The monkey patterned liner was love at first sight for this gal.

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