Top 10 Super Bowl Recipes

Written by CMP on January 31, 2010

While considering the Super Bowl party I'm not having, I started thinking about all the great appetizer-type dishes that make these parties fun for those of us who aren't such big football fans. There are the classics, of course, and the misadventures (usually in the form of a seven-layer-bean-dip) - but good food always makes a good party. 

So in the spirit of over indulgence, heartburn, one-beer-too-many, and in no particular order I present to you the top 10 dishes I would prepare if I were having a party (or would love to be served should I find myself a guest for this year's spectacle).

  1. Buffalo Chicken Wings - Is there any more classic sporting event finger food? Probably not..
  2. Mozzarella Sticks - I still remember the first time I tried to make these... in a friend's basement, game on, and a giant pot of hot oil on the stove. Disaster was, fortunately, averted. This recipe from Mangio da Sola looks solid and I like the addition of some grated Parmesan.
  3. Nachos - As much a collection of independent recipes combined into one as it is a dish unto itself, Nachos could be the most versatile of the finger-food-family. Simply Recipes has done a nice job of assembling the pieces for an end result that's greater than the sum of it's parts. 
  4. Stuffed Mushrooms - Perhaps not as standard but you've got to get some veggies into those (couch) potatoes. 
  5. Salsa - Use for dipping or on top of your nachos. And save the leftovers - it'll make a good marinade for some chicken or steak.
  6. Guacamole - Make sure the avocados are ripe!
  7. Bean Dip - I like mine simple. The seven-layer kinds tend to look, well, unappetizing after the pig-skinners have been shoveling those tortilla chips through.  
  8. Jalapeno Poppers - The folks at Slash Food have come up with a healthier twist on this usually fried fare. I specifically like the use of whole wheat flour. 
  9. Bruschetta - Easy and fast and a good use for that aging loaf of bread. 
  10. Beer - Right, so, it's not a recipe. But surely this list would be incomplete without it.

So, enjoy the game. And save the leftovers for me.

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All great choices. I'll be having 2 or 3 of them next Sunday myself!

Thanks, Ed! Enjoy the game!

With the Saints in the game, I think its time to fire up the burners and boil some crawfish! I do agree with the beer.


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