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Written by CMP on May 19, 2008

Weberperformer Weber Performer Charcoal Grill Review

Five years ago, I decided it was time to replace my aging gas grill. At the time, I was on the fence about whether to stick with gas-heat, or go with charcoal.

I was persuaded by a friend to abandon the notion of another gas grill. "No Flavor," he said. I liked the idea of grilling meats over a super-hot heat source, but wasn't crazy about having to worry about lighting coals every time I wanted to have a steak.

That's when I happened upon the Weber Performer. What's genius about this product is that it comes with a small gas tank that's use solely for starting the coals. This allows you to get your grill going in a relatively short time without having to mess with a chimney starter or, worse, lighter fluid.

The grill comes with a handy prep surface that's great for setting down dishes piled high with marinated meats, lightly oiled veggies, and un-husked corn as they await their turn on the fire. This grill is also excellent for the art of indirect cooking - cooking food more slowly and not directly over the hot coals gives a very tender and flavorful product. This is the only way to cook certain items - ribs and pulled pork for example.

When using this grill, I recommend using a natural hardwood charcoal product. I'm a big fan of the Royal Oak brand, which lends a nice smoky flavor to the food.

Overall, the unit has held up great over the years. The main assembly remains solid and only the push-button ignition has needed to be replaced. In all, I'm very happy with this grill and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a true grill experience. 

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